April 2020. Beginners Welcome.

Join us for this unique art workshop!


Painting the Portrait and Figure in Oil with Pamela Nichols


Join us for an incredible art experience in beautiful Pensacola, Florida.


There is so much to see and do. You won’t want to leave!

We are Palette Productions Pensacola, LLC, and our mission is to produce premium artist workshops in historic Pensacola, FL.  Diane Goeller and Pat Page have over 15 years’ experience in producing workshops.  Palette Productions engages local, national, and international artists in many mediums and artistic styles.  Our goal is to produce, organize and manage workshops providing a powerful asset to the success and quality of the workshops produced. 

Workshops are meant for growth and education.  A good workshop should stimulate creative and productive thinking and in a successful workshop, the process begins to take priority over the need to complete a painting. Workshops allow students to interact with art instructors, often receiving critique advice that is so valuable.  The networking experience with fellow artists becomes an integral part of your experience, as well.

“In your life try to attain a vision of the larger whole. Using your education with vision will  bring you the satisfaction of creating a useful service to mankind; and that achievement will far out pay any monetary reward.” 

“Vision, faith, integrity, good judgment and the desire to grow, are the additives your education needs in order for you to find joy in your work and have your life crowned with high achievement.”

Dale Fullerton


Palette Productions Pensacola is excited to offer a unique and different type of workshop! “Book It” will take you through the process of constructing a book from ‘scratch’ with a real pro, our very own Mary Richardson! As an artist, art Journaling is one of our favorite pastimes, but these little jewels are so much more. Think of the autograph book of the past, a beautiful “Star Book” that can double as a beautiful holiday decoration and ,of course, that art journal. This 3-day workshop is for all talent levels and you will make at least 3 books.  April 1-3, 2020, Framing by Design, 9-4 each day. Hurry the class is limited and will fill up fast.