A lifelong resident of Pensacola, Pat Page began taking art lessons as a teenager, from renowned artist Max Carter.  Her greatest inspiration was her artist mother, the late Audrey Page.  Mrs. Page was a well-known artist in Pensacola, and a founding member of Quayside Art Gallery.

Pat’s art journey has continued throughout her life.  Since retirement, Pat devotes much time to the study of art, through workshops, art classes, and artist groups. Her passion is watercolor and anything that mixes with water, including acrylics, gels and pastes to create abstract works of art.  In 2003, Pat built an art studio where she enjoys working with many art friends.

Her popular art series “Old Pensacola Lost (and found)!” is a tribute to the historic buildings of Pensacola. These paintings are a celebration of those historic treasures that have been renovated for future generations to enjoy. Photographs for many of the series’ paintings were used with permission of the late Judge G. J. Roark.

Pat is a member of the Art Study Club, Artel Gallery, as well as several workshop and critique groups.  She is Past President of the Visual Arts Association of NW Florida.  The VAA is an organization that supports activities related to the education, encouragement, and preservation of the visual arts in NW Florida.

Displayed locally, many of Pat’s paintings can be seen at Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach, Perdido Artists Gallery, Saltwater Style in Seville Square, David’s Catfish House in Pensacola, Apple Market and Artel Gallery.

Parliament in Budapest - Pat Page, Artist


Golden Divide 

Harbor at Sunset

The Chicken Box