Diane Goeller, R.N., believes art is ubiquitous and powerful. She believes art creates beauty, enhances the environment, reveals truth, expresses religious beliefs, fantasy and chaos, stimulates the intellect, records experiences, reflects culture, protests injustice, elevates the common, meets needs both personal and public and immortalizes. She wishes art were more accessible to all ages whether visual, musical or whatever.

Diane’s genre ranges from traditional to non-objective. She has reached many milestones in her art career including awards at art local and out of state, book cover and illustrations for “Faithful Servants” by Martha Pope Trotter, painted 11 iconic Pensacola pelicans and poster art for many tennis tournaments, artwork for First Baptist Church, event program covers and 7 large canvases for the Recreation Outreach Center in Pensacola. Art excursions in the U.S., Europe and Bali enrich her talent for and appreciation of art. She is a member of Pensacola Museum of Art, Artel and Art Study Club.

Co-chairing workshops is a labor of love.  Diane feels that workshops inspire, entertain and educate beginning as well as advanced artists. Diane’s nursing experience in the health care field is apparent in her interaction with students of all ages, personalities, and artistic ability.

Diane and her husband Vic have lived on Escambia Bay for 55 years. They never tire of the beauty of nature, activities of the wildlife  and watercraft on the bay.