We are very excited to offer a variety of premier artist workshops in mixed media, watercolors, acrylic and more. Each workshop encourages networking with fellow artists in a studio environment and valuable interaction with instructors.


JANUARY 24-28, 2022


9:00am – 4:00pm

Acrylic/Mixed Media Journey – $575


Want more expressive art? Want more confidence in yourself and your art? Want to have a transformative experience with like-minded people? Would you like a week of laughter and priceless networking with other artists?

Schedule your play date in Acrylic/Mixed Journey while painting in sunny Pensacola, FL. Enjoy the experience of learning to paint freely and  without creative constraints. Set yourself on a path of deeper self expression with 5 fun-filled days of innovation, curiosity and new possibilities. You can expect 2 painting demonstrations and an insightful group critique each day. Joan will spend part of one of the days working on color theory and mixing.
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february 15-17, 2022


9:00am – 4:00pm

Batik Explored – $375.00


Wax and watercolor, an interesting mix! Put the two on textured rice paper and wow! You get a look you can’t achieve any other way. Kathie will lead you step by step thru the process of layering watercolor and wax, teaching you all the important skills you need to become an expert. From choosing good photographs for batik to knowing where to put the wax to correcting something after the wax has been removed. This is a super fun medium where imperfection helps! We get a bit messy, but we have fun doing it.

You will be learning from the innovator of this technique. Kathie began this technique 30 something years ago, and from that first publication in American Artist in 1995 and many publications since, her technique has spread worldwide.
Great watercolor skills are not needed for this workshop. What builds a great batik is SHAPE and VALUE.

DAY 1: Students will be familiarized with the technique thru step-by step instructions on a project chosen by the instructor. This is the easiest way to ‘wrap’ your mind around the process of layering wax and color. We will discuss choosing a subject / photo for watercolor batik.

DAY 2: Students will be encouraged to try subject matter of their own choosing. However, they may continue in a step-by step manner, if they choose, by using one of Kathie’s instruction packets which are also step-by step.
Importance will be placed on the creative thought process and development of the subject matter for a batik, as well as using color and value to your advantage. Any subject can be done with batik, but we will look for projects that will be easy ‘starts’ for those just beginning with this process.

DAY 3: This is a day to loosen up! It’s your chance to do some fun things and play a bit. Kathie will bring along some tjap stamps – and ideas! – for you to experiment. OR you can continue to work on the previous day’s project or start something new. Be sure to bring your apron.

APRIL 2022

April 12 and 13, 2022


10:00am – 4:00pm

“BOOK IT” A Book Construction Workshop – $150


In this workshop, Mary Richardson shares her extensive experience in the artful construction of books.

The first book is a small mixed media journal, finished size is approx. 5” x 6”.  It has a hard back with a soft reinforced spine.  There will be 5 signatures (or chapters) sewn using the pamphlet stitch onto a piece of commercial book cloth then attached to a cover that is made separately.  Perfect for purse, suitcase or backpack! 

The second book is a reverse piano hinge book, finished size is approx. 5” x 4 1/2” completed. NO sewing.  The papers can be painted ahead of time or you can use colored or double sided printed cardstock.  The pages are held in with accordion hinges inserted into a slit in the pages and kept in place with a hinge papers.  Because you aren’t gluing the hinges in place, it can be removed and the pages taken out to be worked on or changed. 

If there is time, the third book will be stiff leaf album binding, finished size approx. 8” x 8”.  This book makes a lovely avenue to display photographs, small prints or other art work.  The book may or may not have a separate cover.

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MAY 2022

mAY 2 – 5, 2022


9:00am – 4:00pm

Creative and Expressive Watercolors – $575


In this workshop internationally renowned watercolor artist Sterling Edwards will show you how to make your watercolor paintings stand out from the crowd. This workshop is intended for ALL SKILL LEVELS and will cover a wide variety of watercolor techniques and subjects. You will learn how to create energy in your painting with a balance of positive and negative shapes, build rich values and save white paper, how to use expressive color, glazing and charging colors, and much more. You will also learn numerous ways to create drama in your paintings with expressive brushwork and balancing hard and soft edges. 

Throughout his career as a professional artist and workshop teacher, Sterling has focused on helping students become more aware of the importance of painting in an interpretive style rather than simply copying what they see. He will show you easy and effective ways to find suitable subject material, how to build a strong composition, and how to create a piece of art that is different and thought provoking.

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JULY 2022

july 18 - 22, 2022


9:00am – 4:00pm

“Finding Our Muse” Abstract Painting – $500


Jacqueline Sullivan is returning for a second year by popular demand!

In this workshop we explore the idea that the “Muse finds you working”. Working in a series of small abstract paintings on paper, we will work quickly for the first couple of days, cranking out a small series of paintings. Using acrylic paints, collage, and drawing media, we will work in multiples based on specific guidelines and examples. The speed of working will force us to work intuitively. Each series will develop from a given theme or technique that the instructor will present before the series is started. These small paintings will be used as sketches for larger works. As an option, the instructor will demonstrate how to bind these works into a book for future reference.

Jacqueline’s travel reservations and accommodations need to be completed by May 10, 2022 so help us fill this class and sign up as soon as possible!

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9:00am – 4:00pm

Painting and Composition Encounter –


This Pensacola class is for the student who has never taken a workshop and for the student who has taken many workshops. Class emphasis will be achieving powerful underpaintings with spiritual energy and mystery combined with compositions connected to the pictorial world.

The resultant paintings will connect both worlds—spiritual and pictorial. The images will speak of your voice.

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