Leslie Anderson

Born and raised in Guatemala City, Central America, Leslie Anderson’s first job was as an elementary school teacher. Moving to Florida in the mid ‘80s to continue her education, she received a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and a Master’s in Art Education and Art Therapy at Florida State University. Combining her passion for teaching and art, Anderson worked for the public school system as an art teacher for over 29 years; she retired in September 2020.

Her experience in interior design, art education and the day-to-day work in being a full time art teacher have allowed her to work on various mediums, however, her passion has always been painting.  These past years, as her two children left home, she found the needed time and space to pursue her art.

Elements of art are stylistic features that are included within an art piece to help the artist communicate.  She loves working with color. Color can provoke enormous reactions in people; this only intensifies with the addition of playful and in many cases seductive lines in her work.

Anderson love’s abstract paintings that offer a whisper of nature. As she begins her paintings, she works in an intuitive fashion.  As the work continues, she lets the painting speak to her and let it develop to the final phase.  This process does not come easy every time.  Sometime during the creative process, there is a period in which the work goes through an ugly phase.  This is the most critical time and the one she enjoys the most.  Anderson often says that the work of an artist is mostly “problem solving”.

Leslie Anderson - Abstract painting - blues and greens
Leslie Anderson - Abstract painting - Stormy sky and fields in greens and reds
Leslie Anderson - Abstract Painting - landscape in orange and green
Leslie Anderson - Abstract Painting of sail boats in harbor.
Leslie Anderson - Four houses on wheels in a straight row.