Sterling Edwards is a contemporary water-media master, teacher, author, and art juror who is originally from Kansas City, Missouri. He has been a resident of North Carolina since 1973. Following a twenty year career as a law enforcement officer and a firefighter, he made a commitment in 1993 to pursue his passion for art and begin a second career as a visual artist. Sterling has been studying art since the age of twelve, and although self taught, has developed a unique and expressive style of painting that has gained international recognition and the respect of his peers, students, and art collectors.

Most of Sterling’s paintings are interpretive statements that personify his intuitive and creative sense of design and color, ranging from abstract expressionism to traditional. He is a sought after international workshop instructor and is often selected to jury national and international art competitions. He is also the designer of a signature line of multi-media paint brushes and a watercolor palette marketed internationally through his website store, painting workshops, and retail art supply stores.

Artist’s Statement

As a visual artist, my world is an ever changing collection of interesting shapes, colors, values, and textures. Everything that I see is either consciously or subconsciously broken down into elements that I might use as the inspiration for my next painting. It does not always have to be grandiose or breathtaking but rather a suitable collection of shapes and values that I can build upon or rearrange to my liking. The colors that I select are a personal choice that I can alter or exaggerate depending on the subject and my feeling at the time that I paint it.

Rarely do I paint something as it is, but rather how I would like it to be based on my sense of design and aesthetics. As my art has evolved, I have come to the realization that, for me, painting visual reality is a wall. I find that it suppresses my creative thought and stifles my intuitive sense of design and composition. I would much rather show the world my expressive and unique  artistic interpretation as opposed to merely copying what I see.

Creating a work of art is not just something that I do; it’s the foundation of who and what I am. Even though I’ve been painting for over fifty years, every time that I put a brush to paper or canvas it’s a new experience, and another eagerly anticipated step on my journey as a visual artist.”

Sterling Edwards, CSPWC, TWSA, WPA, NWS