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Welcome to Palette Productions!

We are very pleased to introduce you to Palette Productions Pensacola, and our fabulous lineup of premium art workshops!

Many of our workshops are appropriate for beginners as well as accomplished artists.  Please take a look at our workshop calendar!  Featured below is a line up of our art instructors and information about their workshops.  Get acquainted with our artists and sign up for the workshop that excites you!  We can’t wait to meet you in beautiful, sunny Pensacola!

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Upcoming Artists and Workshops

Jacqueline Sullivan

The Painted Collage

A journey into the artistic world of Jacqueline Sullivan awaits you. With her unparalleled expertise in mixed-media, acrylic, and calligraphic paintings, Sullivan creates captivating works that capture the essence of adventure and discovery. Through the use of texture, layers, vibrant colors, and unconventional materials, she weaves together a harmonious tapestry of artistry. Her masterpieces include calligraphic marks and meaningful words, which add depth and intrigue to each composition. Delve into the realm of painted collages and experience the remarkable fusion that defines Jacqueline Sullivan’s captivating style.

Laurie Hansen

Deep Dive into Gelli Printing

It’s time to grab your tubes of acrylic paints and join me for two days of learning the “Art of Gelli Printing”.  This class is for beginners to experts. In case this is new to you, Gelli printing  is a form of mono-printing that uses a gelli plate and acrylic paints to create textures and layers of color. No worries, I will provide a complete list of supplies. If you are more experienced, I have some new techniques that speak to complex layering, and delve into color combinations.

Barbara Dunham

Pushing Paper — A Bushel Basket of Techniques

Accomplished artist and instructor, Barbara Dunham shares her 23-year experience in collage technique. This will be an informative and intensive class.  Barbara will instruct us on methods of manipulating paper in new and creative ways. We will then use our newly acquired knowledge to tackle two exciting collage challenges.

Robert Burridge

Abstract Acrylic Painting and Collage

Creative tearing and paint splashing starts off this “Loosen Up Workshop.” You will learn how to begin a new, fresh body of work with your own artistic voice and point of view. Think “artist retreat,” producing a body of work, a series of paintings, or your conceptual solo show.

Nirmal Singh

Not Just a Splash of Color

Nirmal Singh brings his unique and vibrant style to Palette Productions Pensacola, LLC. With a skillful use of color and a fluid technique, Nirmal’s watercolor art is simply stunning. During the morning demo, Nirmal will provide valuable guidance and inspiration, setting the tone for a productive day at our workstations. He is dedicated to individually assisting each participant, ensuring that your painting experience is both fulfilling and successful.


Mixed Media Smorgasbord

Joan Fullerton’s art workshops are beyond energetic, blissfully creative, and just plain exciting. Joan instills confidence by spending quality, one-on-one time with each of her students.

We will experiment with innovative techniques and a mindset of relaxed awareness, designed to cultivate your curiosity and self-confidence, and is sure to bring your artwork into the 21st century.

Debora Stewart

Creating Expressive Abstracts in Pastel, Acrylic, and Mixed Media

Join artist Debora Stewart as she teaches you how to develop abstract paintings in soft pastel and mixed media acrylics.

Learn how to develop an underlying structure with under-paintings and gesso. Create your own textured surfaces for pastel abstracts. Learn mixed media techniques for acrylic painting. Take abstract concepts and apply them to realistic subjects like figures, flowers and landscapes.